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Busch-Jaeger Rotary Dimmer

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Description Busch-Jaeger Rotary Dimmer

Dimming lighting provides greater control in deciding the ambiance in your environment, To dim lighting, you will almost always need a dimmer. Busch Jaeger dimmers come in two varieties: the LED dimmer and the halogen/incandescent dimmer. With these dimmers, you will always be ensured that the dimmer works seamlessly with your LED or conventional lighting!

Busch Jaeger 6523U-102 LED Dimmer
The Busch Jaeger 6523U-102 LED dimmer is, as the name suggests, perfectly usable with LED lighting. The dimmer works with a large variety of LED bulbs. The entry capacity of this LED dimmer is 2W, while the maximum capacity is 100W. Due to the fact that the LED dimmer works seamlessly with LED bulbs, the maximum lifespan of both the LED dimmer as the LED bulb can be guaranteed.

Busch-Jaeger Rotary dimmer for Halogen and incandescent bulbs
The Busch Jaeger rotary dimmer can be perfectly used with conventional lighting like halogen- and incandescent bulbs. With this dimmer, conventional light bulbs with a collective maximum capacity of 600W can be connected. Furthermore, this dimmer is suitable for use with a rotary switch with which you can easily control the intensity of the light.

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