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GE F-T8 18W/840 Polylux XLR LongLast G13

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Specifications GE F-T8 18W/840 Polylux XLR LongLast G13

Description GE F-T8 18W/840 Polylux XLR LongLast G13

The GE F-T8 18W/840 Polylux XLR LongLast G13 is a T8 fluorescent tube of high quality. Fluorescent lighting is known for its long lifespan, much light and a large variety of color temperatures. This T8 fluorescent tube of GE is no exception. For example, this GE fluorescent tube can last up to 24000 hours. Furthermore, the fluorescent tube is produced by GE which ensures you of quality!

Fluorescent tubes work in combination with a ballast. There are however different kinds of ballasts. For example, some tubes work with a conventional ballast (EM), which needs a starter. Other tubes work with an electronic ballast (Hf) that doesn’t need a starter to work. Always check which one applies to your tube if you want to replace it.

This GE tube has a length of 590mm and comes with a G13 base. When ordering larger quantities of this T8 fluorescent tube, 1 units fit in one box. Budgetlight offers for the GE fluorescent tube a warranty of .

What do you receive with the GE fluorescent tube?

  • A light color of 4000K - Cool White
  • Lumen: 1350lm
  • Wattage: 18W

Are you interested in larger quantities of this GE T8 tube? Contact Budgetlight for a quotation. You are also always welcome if you need advice on fluorescent lighting!

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