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How do I choose the right beam angle?

The beam angle is the angle of the light beam emitted by lighting, and we use degrees to refer to the beam degree of angle. This is represented by the signs "°" or "D". The smaller the degree, the narrower the light beam. The most common beam angles for spotlights are 10°, 24°, 36° and 40°. However, the choice of the right beam angle depends on the purpose you want to achieve with the light. An atmospheric accent or general illumination of a room?



Tip: When choosing the beam angle, always consider the distance of the light from the illuminated object, product or work of art. The further away the luminaire is from it, the smaller the light cone needs to be to illuminate the object effectively.

Narrow beam angle - <24°.

LED spotlights or other light sources with a narrow beam angle of up to 24° are ideal for illuminating an object, product or work of art or if you want to set certain accents in a room.

Medium beam angle - 25° to 40

With a medium beam angle of 25° to 40°, you illuminate a large area instantly. This means that fewer spotlights are needed. Products with a medium beam angle are therefore often used as general lighting for receptions, in the hospitality industry or at home.

Wide beam angle - 41° to 90

Light sources with a wide beam angle (41° to 90°) are the right choice when a large area needs to be illuminated uniformly. Possible applications include offices, warehouses and general areas in business and private premises.

When is the beam angle important? When you choose one of these LED spotlights!

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