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LED Batten Waterproofs Pro | Through Wiring

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Description LED Batten Waterproofs Pro | Through Wiring

The Budgetlight LED Batten Waterproof Pro IP66 can be perfectly used in humid rooms but is also ideal for outdoor use. This is due to the fact that these Budgetlight LED battens are equipped with an IP value of IP66, what means that they are fully protected against water and dust. In addition, the battens come with an IK value of IK08, what makes them well protected against impact. Furthermore, you have the choice between different colour temperatures. Some Budgetlight waterproof LED battens in this group shine a light with a cool white colour temperature (4000K), that can be placed in spaces to increase productivity. Others have a daylight white colour temperature (6500K), suitable for spaces like operation rooms that need light as clear as possible.

Advantages of LED lighting
The Budgetlight waterproof LED battens are integrated with LED technology. This means that they handle energy in a much more efficient way compared to their conventional counterparts. By replacing the conventional fluorescent fixtures with these Budgetlight LED battens, you can cut your energy use in half! In addition, the Budgetlight LED fixture is maintenance free, due to the high IP and IK value and of course the long lifespan of on average 70.000 burning hours.

High light output
The Budgetlight Pro waterproof LED battens have a very high Lumen value (2500 - 8250lm), what means their light output is suitable for spaces with high ceilings. With these fixtures, you are ensured that the space is properly lit.

Philips Xitanium LED Driver
Due to the collaboration of Budgetlight with A brand Philips, the Budgetlight waterproof LED batten Pro is equipped with a Philips Xitanium LED driver. The high quality of this driver comes with many benefits. For example, the Xitanium driver enables a power factor of >0.90. Due to the low energy use of the driver, you will save energy!

Budgetlight offers a warranty of 5 years on the Budgetlight waterproof LED batten Pro. Are you interested in a quotation for multiple quantities of the waterproof Budgetlight LED battens or do you need more advice? Get in touch with us: we would love to help!

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