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LED G2. 34W 3000K 600 Polish Excl. Driver (4x14W eqv.)

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Description LED G2. 34W 3000K 600 Polish Excl. Driver (4x14W eqv.)

Since the year 2000, Budgetlight has been busy at producing quality lighting. With Budgetlight lighting, you are ensured that all produced lighting complies with European guidelines. Furthermore, Budgetlight believes in fair prices which means that Budgetlight products are accessible to everyone!

The LED G2. 34W 3000K 600 Polish Excl. Driver (4x14W eqv.) is of a high quality. Due to its small dimensions, this LED panel is particularly suitable for ceilings with narrow installation heights. Furthermore, it is an excellent replacement for conventional fluorescent fixtures. The Budgetlight LED panel of the Louvre Excell serie can be perfectly installed in 60x60cm system ceilings. The LED technology that is used by this Budgetlight LED panel comes with many advantages. For example, it is equipped with a lifespan of 50000 hours and uses far less energy than the conventional fluorescent fixtures. This makes the Budgetlight LED panel of 34W a direct replacer for conventional fluorescent fixtures with a use of 4x18W.

Comfort and productivity are two major aspects for employees in the workplace. This comfort can be achieved in multiple ways. One of these ways is by decreasing the (obstructive) reflection of lighting on for example computer screens. That’s why Budgetlight provides LED panels with different UGR values (Unified Glare Ratio), varying from UGR<15 what is good for specific application areas like operation rooms, UGR<19, what is the maximum requirement for office spaces and UGR<22, what is suited for general rooms. The Budgetlight LED Panel Louvre Excell has a UGR value of UGR< 19 - For offices. Furthermore, the light of the LED panel is flicker free and available in different colour temperatures like warm white (3000K), cool white (4000K) and daylight white (6500K). This Budgetlight LED panel has a colour temperature of 3000K - Warm White.

What does the Budgetlight LED panel Louvre Excell further offer?

  • Energylabel of
  • An easy installation
  • An all-in warranty of 5 Years
  • The quality that you can expect from a brand like Budgetlight!

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