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Description Ledvance LED -C

The Ledvance LED Surface-C LED wall lights provide a simple yet stylish light source as general lighting for corridors, stairways, bathrooms and foyers. These LED surface mounted fixtures can be easily mounted both the ceiling and the wall. Because of the fact that the Ledvance LED wall light uses LED technology, it comes with multiple advantages. First of all, you will save up to 54% on your energy use by using the LED wall lights in this group, in comparison to conventional lighting while achieving the same light output. In addition, some light sources in this group can provide spaces with light for an average of 30.000 hours.

Resistant against the elements
Most of the Ledvance Surface-C surface mounted fixtures in this group have an IP value of IP44. This means that they are protected against splashes of water from any direction and can therefore be used in the bathroom without any problems. Do you require more protection? Some Ledvance LED wall lights in this group have an IP value of IP65, what makes them dust tight and resistant against waterjets from any angle.

In case you want something extra from your Ledvance fixtures, there are also LED wall lights, available with a sensor! Sensor can have different applications, resulting in making your lighting smarter and your environment safer. For example, some Ledvance LED wall lights are equipped with a motion sensor, that only turns on when motion is detected and with a twilight switch, that turns on when twilight or darkness is detected. The additional benefit is that this way, you will save even more energy.

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