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Description Ledvance LED Floodlight

Ledvance LED floodlights are the perfect light sources for providing your buildings, billboards or larger statues with quality lighting. Due to their large light output, they can easily light up larger areas. For example, the LED floodlights in this group have a Lumen output that goes up to 20.000 Lumen. While conventional lighting has to use up to 750W to achieve this Lumen output, the LED floodlights can achieve this with 73% less energy! You will therefore surely notice this in your wallet. The Ledvance LED floodlights are available in a black or white finish.

Ideal for outside
For multiple reasons, the Ledvance LED floodlights are perfect as outdoor lighting. Due to their IP value of IP65, they are fully dust tight and resistant against waterjets from any direction. In addition, they have a long lifespan of 20.000 hours. This means that you therefore don’t have to worry about replacement or maintenance for a long time.

Light distribution
Whenever you are choosing a LED floodlight, you can choose between two different kinds of light distribution. Ledvance LED floodlights with a symmetrical light distribution spread light evenly in all directions. These floodlights are therefore suited as general lighting. In addition, you can choose floodlights with an asymmetrical light distribution. With these floodlights, the light shines in a certain angle, making them suited as accent lighting.

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