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Description Ledvance LED Spot

Ledvance LED recessed spots are energy efficient replacements of conventional recessed spots. Even though the Ledvance LED recessed spots in this group are available in different varieties, they have a couple things in common. For example, they only have to use a little amount of energy to achieve a high light output. In addition, they are equipped with a long lifespan with the more powerful Ledvance spots going up to 50.000 hours. All Ledvance spots in this group can be easily built into system ceilings and come with an additional decorative border equipping the recessed spots with an elegant finish.

(DALI) Dimmable
Some Ledvance LED spots in this group are dimmable, giving you much freedom in deciding the atmosphere of your space. Some dimmable Ledvance LED spots are even DALI dimmable. DALI is the international standard of communication for lighting in a larger system. With DALI dimmable Ledvance LED spots, you will have even more freedom to set up individual light sources separately in one system.

Some Ledvance LED spots in this group are fireproof. This means that they are resistant to contact with fire (for about 90 minutes, tested in accordance with NEN-EN 1365-2:2-14, which presents ‘fire resistance tests for loadbearing elements’).

Some Ledvance LED spots in this group are adjustable. This means that you can tilt the LED spot within the light source to achieve the desired lighting angle. This is particularly suitable for creating accent lighting.

Some Ledvance LED spots in this group have a high IP value, indicating the degree in which lighting is resistant to dust and water. The Ledvance LED spots with an IP value of IP65 are dust tight and resistant to water beams from any direction.

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