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Noxion LED Floodlight Basic

Description Noxion LED Floodlight Basic

The Noxion LED FLoodlights Basic possess the advantages of LED technology and are produced under the high standards that Noxion always sets with their products. The LED floodlights in this category come as replacers for conventional floodlights with HPI or HQI gas discharge lamps of 48W, 80W and 120W. By using Noxion LED floodlights, you will on average save 77% energy on your energy costs! Furthermore, these LED floodlights last up to 30.000 hours, what means you will enjoy their light for a long time.

Application areas
Noxion LED floodlights are very suitable for lighting large outdoor areas like sport fields or building facades. They are therefore safe for outdoor use due to their high IP value (IP65 - water and dustproof). The floodlights are easily mountable, both on the floor and against the wall.

The Noxion floodlights come with two types of lighting. There are Noxion LED floodlights available with asymmetrical lighting, where the light beams focus on a certain point. There is also symmetrical lighting where an even light beam is emitted across a large surface. Some Noxion Basic floodlights are equipped with a motion sensor, that only turns on when detecting motion. This way, the Noxion LED floodlights can handle energy in an even more efficient way.

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