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Noxion LED Panel Basic 60x60cm | Replaces 4x18W

Description Noxion LED Panel Basic 60x60cm | Replaces 4x18W

The LED panels by Noxion are, just like all other Noxion creations, a product of quality and experience. The basic model Noxion LED panel (Ecowhite) is equipped with many advantages of LED lighting for a budget friendly price! Due to the standardized sizes, these Noxion LED panels can be easily installed in a 60x60cm system ceiling. Furthermore, the LED panel has a slender design, so you won’t have to worry about installations in ceilings with narrow installation heights.

The Noxion LED panel basic replaces conventional fluorescent fixtures of 4x18W. With a wattage use of 40W, you can save 45% of energy with these Noxion LED panels. The Noxion LED panels in this category also have a lifespan of 30.000 hours. This ensures you will enjoy the light of the LED panels for a long time! The Noxion LED panel works on 220-240V and therefore does not need a transformer to be connected to the power network.

Color temperatures and UGR values
The base models of the Noxion LED panels (60x60cm) are available in different color temperatures. These vary from a warm white color temperature (3000K) that is often used in retail, a cool white color temperature (4000K), that is suited for office spaces where comfort and productivity is desired and a daylight white color temperature (6500K) where you need as much clear light as possible like in operation rooms. Next to the color temperature, the Unified Glare Ratio or UGR value is important. This indicates the amount of hindrance and reflection you get from light. The Noxion LED panel base model has an UGR value of UGR<22, what makes it suitable for general rooms. Do you need LED panels for the office? Take a look at the Noxion LED panels with UGR<19, like the Noxion LED panel Pro (60x60cm).

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