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Noxion LED Panel Pro 30x120cm 33W 3000K UGR<19 DALI | Replaces 2x36W

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Specifications Noxion LED Panel Pro 30x120cm 33W 3000K UGR<19 DALI | Replaces 2x36W

Description Noxion LED Panel Pro 30x120cm 33W 3000K UGR<19 DALI | Replaces 2x36W

Energy savings up to 50%
Where a TL-fixture with 2 TL tubes of 36W uses 72W, the Noxion LED panel Delta Pro uses far less. The Noxion LED panel only uses 33W, what results in a decrease of energy use up to 50%! Because there are no separate parts in the LED panel, there is no need to look into this. The LED panel is also maintenance-free which of course saves costs.

After 2 years, the cost of the LED panel recouped!
Due to energy savings up to 50% compared to the conventional TL-fixtures, you’ll directly see a difference in your energy costs. Combined with the long lifespan of 70.000 hours (over 20 years in an average office environment), the Noxion LED panel is an investment that has already recouped itself within 2 years!

Lifespan of 70.000 burning hours
The Noxion LED panel Delta Pro has a lifespan of 70.000 burning hours. Suppose the lights in your office burn 12 hours a day. This increases to 60 hours a week and 3120 hours a year. That would mean that it will burn optimally for over 20 years! Compared with TL-tubes that only last 20,000 hours, the Noxion LED panel Delta Pro will burn approximately 3.5 times as long. In addition, with a LED panel the light output is guaranteed for almost its entire life span, whereas with normal fluorescent tubes this already reduces after 10,000 hours. Therefore the Noxion LED panel Delta Pro is a good investment for the future!

Energy label A++
The Noxion LED panel Delta Pro has energy label A++. This means the LED panel is very energy-efficient and the LED lighting also meets the European guidelines for use in, for example, office spaces.

Osram Dali Driver
Due to the collaboration of Noxion with A-brand Osram, the Noxion LED panel Delta Pro is equipped with an Osram DALI driver, The high quality of this driver has many advantages. The high quality of the Osram DALI driver makes a power factor of >0.95 possible. Therefore, due to the low power consumption of the driver, you’ll save energy! Furthermore, the driver contains DALI, an advanced system that deals with the light controls. Among other things, DALI makes it possible to change the light clarity, and to detect disturbances in the system quickly.

Warm-white (3000K), appropriate for the living room
The Noxion LED panel Delta Pro comes in different colour temperatures. This LED panel has a warm-white colour tone (3000K), what means it is particularly suitable for cozy and comfortable spaces like the living room.

Unified Glare Ratio: very low (UGR lower than 19) and thus appropriate for office spaces
Because it is of course important that employees can work comfortably and be productive at the office, European guidelines have been set. With a Unified Glare Ratio of UGR>19, the Noxion LED panel Delta pro meets these guidelines completely and the employees can comfortably do their work without being disturbed by reflective lights!

5 years of Budgetlight warranty
At Budgetlight, we try to do everything to provide the best service possible. That’s why we offer up to 5 years of warranty on the Noxion LED panel Delta Pro!

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