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Osram Lumilux T8 XXT

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Description Osram Lumilux T8 XXT

Osram Lumilux T8 XXL fluorescent tubes distinguish themselves from other fluorescent tubes in eco friendliness and low energy use but what they are most known for is their very long lifespan. Due to the special technology produced by Osram, gases like mercury only have to be used in small amounts to achieve lots of light. The low use of these gases is of course beneficial to the environment!

Lumilux XXT
Standard Lumilux fluorescent tubes already have a relatively long lifespan. With 50.000 hours, the Lumilux XT fluorescent tubes last much longer. However, the Osram Lumilux XXT fluorescent tube is the overall best in longevity. The Osram Lumilux XXT fluorescent tubes last an average of 90.000 hours. These XXT fluorescent tubes therefore last up to 450% longer than the standard Lumilux fluorescent tubes. That’s why you do not have to worry about replacement costs.

Variety in length
With the Osram Lumilux XXT, there is plenty of difference in length. For example, the Lumilux XXT range goes from very short fluorescent tubes of 59cm to long fluorescent tubes of 150cm. Every size has its corresponding wattage, so when replacing your fluorescent lighting, always be mindful not to differ from the wattage value. This is connected to the length of the Osram Lumilux XXT T8 tube.

Useful information
The Osram Lumilux XXT T8 fluorescent tube has a T8 size and comes with a G13 base. Furthermore, the Lumilux XXT T8 fluorescent tubes are dimmable in combination with a dimmable ballast. Are you interested in multiple quantities of the Osram Lumilux XXT T8 fluorescent tube? Get in touch with the customer service for a quotation!

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