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Osram Parathom GU10 PAR16

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Description Osram Parathom GU10 PAR16

The Parathom line by Osram consists of energy efficient LED lights with a quality of light that is suitable for many professional applications. The Osram Parathom GU10 LED bulbs are no exception to this rule. Thanks to the integrated LED technology, these LED spots can achieve an energy saving up to 91%. In addition, they have an average lifespan of 15.000 hours. Although the initial purchase price of these LED bulbs is higher than their conventional counterparts, you will earn this back quickly due to their high energy savings and long lifespan! The LED spots by Osram in this group are equipped with several features, making them suitable for a variety of uses.

Beam angle
The beam angle indicates the angle of the light beam that a lamp emits. The GU10 LED bulbs in this group are available with two varying beam angles. Spots with a beam angle of 36° emit a focused light that works perfectly as accent lighting. With this, you can highlight paintings and statues. In addition, we have spots with a beam angle of 120°. Their light is widely spread and therefore ideal as general lighting for offices and warehouses.

Light colour
The colour of a light can have a large effect on its environment and the people that are in it. The GU10 spots are available in an extra warm white light colour (2700K), that can create a lot of ambiance in a living room for instance. In addition, you have a warm white light colour (3000K) that works well in retail environments and a cool white light colour (4000K) what can have a positive effect on productivity in the office but also as a desk lamp.

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