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Description Philips Classic LEDbulb E27 Edison

Philips is of course known as one of the biggest producers of lighting in the world. This started with the introduction of the incandescent bulb. Throughout the years, many energy efficient successors have been introduced, but many people still love the old and familiar design of the incandescent bulb. Therefore, Philips has decided to create a light bulb that connects these two aspects. The Philips Classic LEDbulb Edison has all the benefits of modern LED lighting with the design of a conventional incandescent bulb.

The Philips Classic LEDbulb E27 LED lights in this group are dimmable. This gives you great control over the light intensity in your space. In addition, some Classic LED bulbs are equipped with Dimtone. With this, by dimming your light, you change the color temperature. This alternates between 2200K and 2700K (extra warm white).

The advantages of LED
By using LED technology, the Classic Edison LED bulb by Philips enjoys many efficient advantages. For example, the E27 LED bulbs in this group can save up to 90%, compared to conventional incandescent bulbs. With a lifespan of 15.000 burning hours, they also last much longer. The LED lights are eco friendly because of the fact that they do not use toxic gases.

Retro design
These LED bulbs with an E27 base (ES) are, due to their retro design, true eyecatchers. The Classic LED bulbs are available in an Edison shape (ST64). The first incandescent bulbs had an Edison shape. You can choose between a clear (transparent) finish or a golden finish. Furthermore, these light bulbs, due to their E27 base, can be easily installed in most of the existing E27 fixtures.

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