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Philips CoreLine BWC120 LED 1800lm 830 White Sensor
Philips CoreLine BWC120 LED 1800lm 830 White Sensor
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Philips CoreLine BWC120 LED 1800lm 830 White Sensor

£173.46 £144.32 excl. Tax incl. Tax
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Specifications Philips CoreLine BWC120 LED 1800lm 830 White Sensor

Description Philips CoreLine BWC120 LED 1800lm 830 White Sensor

To create safety and ambiance, the Philips CoreLine BWC120 is the perfect addition to your building. This efficient LED wall light is suitable as lighting for suburban areas, industry and security. The reflective plate and diffuse bowl with a prismatic structure provides an excellent spreading out of light and can create lower lighting levels for walls and corridors. The LED wall lights are easily mountable to the wall with two screws. When mounting the CoreLine BWC120 to the wall, we recommend a mounting height of 3-5 meters. This is due to the light output with an average of 1800 Lumen. The Philips CoreLine BWC120 has a white casing and comes with a built-in sensor

Energy efficient
The Philips CoreLine BWC120 uses LED technology. This brings many benefits. For example, the CoreLine BWC120 LED wall lights use 17W, what is much less than the average energy use of conventional lighting. You will therefore save at least 30% by replacing conventional lighting with the energy-efficient BWC120. In addition, it has a long lifespan of 75.000 hours, what will subsequently reduce your maintenance costs.

Protection against the elements
The Philips CoreLine BWC120 is fit for indoor use as well as outdoor use. By using the CoreLine BWC120 outdoors, you create ambiance on the outside of your building To protect it from the elements, this LED wall light is equipped with IP value IP54. This means that the wall light is protected against dust and splashes of water. Furthermore, it comes with an IK value of IK08. This tells you how the light source handles impact. With an IK value of IK08, the LED wall light is protected against vandalism and 5J shocks.

Sensor: Twilight switch
As previously mentioned, the Philips CoreLine BWC120 comes with a built-in sensor, or twilight switch. This sensor detects lack of sunlight, and will therefore only switch on when twilight is detected or whenever you want it to switch on. This way, the LED wall light makes even smarter use of energy, and is also beneficial as security during the night.

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