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Philips CoreLine WT120C LED Batten Waterproof 150cm 4000K LED60S | Replaces 2x58W - Emergency 1H

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Specifications Philips CoreLine WT120C LED Batten Waterproof 150cm 4000K LED60S | Replaces 2x58W - Emergency 1H

Description Philips CoreLine WT120C LED Batten Waterproof 150cm 4000K LED60S | Replaces 2x58W - Emergency 1H

The Philips Coreline WT120c waterproof fixture is a direct replacer of conventional waterproof fixtures with fluorescent tube (2x58W). After a simple installation you will directly notice a difference in your energy use. For example, the Philips Coreline WT120c uses only 57W, while a conventional waterproof fluorescent fixture uses 116W. With a saving of 51% you are assured of a lower energy bill with the Philips Coreline. You also will not have to worry about replacing the fixture for a long time. The Philips Coreline WT120c lasts up to 50.000 hours.

Like the name suggests, the Philips Coreline WT120c is waterproof. This means that the fixture can be perfectly used in humid spaces, but is also ideal for outdoor use. With an IP-value of IP65, the fixture is protected against infiltration of dust and jet waterproof. This means that it is protected against water, even when water is being sprayed on the fixture from different directions. Furthermore, the fixture is protected against impact with an IK-value of IK08.

Emergency lighting
The Philips Coreline WT120c can also serve as emergency lighting. In the case of a power outage, this fixture can continue to emit light for another hour. This is of course beneficial to the safety of a building.

Colour temperature
With a colour temperature of 4000K, this fixture provides a cool white light. This is mostly suited for spaces where clarity is important. Objects are displayed more natural with it. In addition, a cool white light temperature increases productivity.

The Philips Coreline WT120c is very easily installable. With a PIP fixture connection (push-in connector), the fixture can be easily plugged in and also easily removed (push relief). Make sure when replacing your conventional waterproof fluorescent fixture that you have chosen the right replaceable wattage. The wattage is connected to the length of the tubes in the fixture. Furthermore, the fixture works on 220-240V which means it can be connected without any problems to the power network.

The Philips Coreline serie
The Coreline series from Philips combines maximum energy savings with a minimal installation time. In addition, with Philips Coreline products you are always assured of a high quality that that can only be expected of LED lighting.

Budgetlight service
Budgetlight offers a warranty of 5 years with the Philips Coreline WT120c. Are you interested in a quotation for multiple quantities or do you need advice about the waterproof fixture? Do not hesitate to get in contact with us: we are happy to help!

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