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Description Philips LEDcandle E14 DimTone MASTER | Dimmable

For years now, Philips has been producing LED bulbs of top quality. The Philips LEDcandle with an E14 base is no exception. The low energy use of these E14 LED bulbs makes sure that you will save 87% on energy costs compared to conventional lighting. In addition, the LED bulbs last an average of 25.000 hours, what means they can brighten your space for a long time. The E14 LED bulbs are candle shaped and can be purchased with a clear finish. Because of the E14 base, the bulbs can be easily screwed into most existing E14 fixtures, making installation very easy.

Philips Dimtone
The LEDcandle MASTER LED bulbs in this group are equipped with DimTone-technology, meaning that these LED bulbs change colour temperature when dimmed. They become warmer in colour the further you dim them. The Philips LED bulbs are available in an extra warm white colour temperature (2700K) and can go even warmer in colour by dimming (2200K).

LED bulbs from the Master line by Philips are known for their unique combination of high quality light with a luxury finish. With the Philips MASTER line, you are ensured of high colour displays and a long lifespan giving you long enjoyment of these E14 LED bulbs.

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