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Philips LEDspot LV Value GU5.3 MR16 MASTER | Replaces 35W

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Description Philips LEDspot LV Value GU5.3 MR16 MASTER | Replaces 35W

The Philips LV Value MASTER LED spots with a GU5.3 base are efficient replacers of conventional halogen spots. These LED spots contain all the benefits of LED lighting. For example, these LED spots last for 25.000 hours. In addition, they can achieve the same light output as conventional halogen spots but their energy use is 84% less. This is a difference that will therefore not go unnoticed. The LV Value GU5.3 LED spots are available with a beam angle of 36º, what means that the spots with this beam angle emit a focused light perfect as accent lighting, and a beam angle of 60º that is well suited for a wide spreading of light. Furthermore, the LED spots can be dimmed.

LED spots from the Master line by Philips is known for the unique combination of high quality light and a luxury finish. With the Philips MASTER line, you are ensured of high color displays and a long lifespan giving you a long time to enjoy the LED spots.

Budgetlight offers a warranty of 3 years for the LV Value GU5.3 LED spot. Are you interested in a quotation for multiple quantities or do you need further advice? Get in touch with us; we will answer all your questions!

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