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Sylvania RefLED GU10 ES50 4.5W 830 110D SL | Replaces 50W

Specifications Sylvania RefLED GU10 ES50 4.5W 830 110D SL | Replaces 50W

Description Sylvania RefLED GU10 ES50 4.5W 830 110D SL | Replaces 50W

The Sylvania RefLED GU10 ES50 4.5W 830 110D SL | Replaces 50W is the energy-efficient replacer of the conventional halogen spot. The GU10 base has two pins with a 10 millimeter distance between them. Because of the plug in base, the Sylvania GU10 LED spot is easily installable. This Sylvania LED spot comes as replacement for the conventional GU10 halogen spot. Where the conventional halogen bulb uses 50W, the Sylvania GU10 LED bulb only uses 4.5W. This means a big saving on your energy costs.

GU10 LED spots come in different varieties. For example, LED spots come with different color displays. This Sylvania LED spot has a colour code of 830 - Warm White, what stands for a good and natural color display. In addition, there are different beam angle degrees, in other words how wide the LED spot spreads the light. With this, you can choose between narrow beam angles (10°), which is perfect for accent lighting, medium beam angles (24° - 40°) for general lighting and wide beam angles (>60°) for places like offices. The Sylvania RefLED GU10 LED spot has a beam angle of 110°.

The Sylvania GU10 uses LED technology. LED lighting has many advantages and these also apply to the Sylvania GU10 LED spot. For example, the Sylvania GU10 LED spot has an average lifetime of 15000 burning hours, what means that you will be able to enjoy this LED bulb for a long time. Due to the long lifetime, you don’t have to replace the LED spot that often, which saves on maintenance and replacement costs!

What do you get with LED lighting?

  • A big saving on your energy costs!
  • A long lifespan
  • Flicker free light
  • Short payback time on your investment!


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