• Budget prices guaranteed

  • Up to 5 years warranty

  • Sustainable LED solutions


Lighting luminaires, LED Bulbs & fixtures for budget prices! 

At Budgetlight, we offer an extensive range of LED bulbs, LED tubes and lighting fixtures for a very attractive price.  A budgetprice doesn't mean no warranty because all products come with a warranty period from 1 to 5 years in length.

When switching from a conventional light bulb to an LED one, energy savings of up to 90% can be achieved! In our store you can find LED replacements for halogen bulbs, fluorescent tubes, spotlights and much more. LED lighting is so much more energy efficient that a quick return on your investment(s) can be realised.

High-quality lighting helps to provide optimal conditions for concentration and productivity. That makes it ideal for environments like offices and warehouses, among many others.


- Popular LED luminaires for offices: LED panels & LED Downlights

- Popular LED luminaries for stores: LED Trackspots & LED Spots

- Popular LED luminaries for industries: LED High-bays.