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EU ban on conventional lighting

The EU has decided to phase out some types of conventional lighting. Due to the amendment of the RoHS Directive on the use of certain dangerous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, various conventional lighting products such as CFL bulbs, fluorescent tubes and halogen capsule bulbs may no longer be placed on the European market since February 2023.


What to do now? 

Switch to LED and start saving energy costs immediately! Just click on the green button below the light source you need to replace and you will see our bright assortment of the perfect fitting LED alternative. 

CFL Bulbs

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Fluorescent Tubes


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Capsule bulbs

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Take action today! Switch to LED now and start saving energy costs immediately!

Switch to LED lighting now and benefit immediately from the many advantages! The modern lighting technology is more efficient, more environmentally friendly and saves a lot of money. Especially now, when energy prices are skyrocketing, switching makes sense! With LED fixtures and bulbs, you can not only save on electricity and maintenance costs, but also help to reduce CO2 emissions because the products are recyclable. Other advantages are a long service life, a brightness of 100% immediately after switching on and LEDs are always flicker-free. 

High energy savings

For many applications


The sustainable alternative for CFL bulbs 

Compared to conventional energy-saving bulbs, LEDs consume less electricity but shine just as brightly. Their lifespan is longer, so you can also save on replacement and maintenance costs. LED CFL bulbs can be used wherever you have used conventional CFL bulbs. They are most often installed in ceiling spots, also called downlights, and are thus used as spotlights. 

LED CFL Bulbs (2-pins)

LED CFL Bulbs (4-pins)

LED Downlights

The sustainable alternative for Fluorescent tubes

When switching to LED, always make sure that the T8 LED tube uses the same ballast as the conventional one. If the LED is suitable for a conventional ballast, you must replace the old starter with an LED starter. T5 LED tubes are suitable for all electronic fixtures that already contain T5 fluorescent tubes. An LED starter is not required. When you replace entire fixtures, you not only save energy but also maintenance costs.

The sustainable alternative for Halogen capsule bulbs

With the G9, G4 and GY6.35 LED variants, you save up to 90 % on energy costs compared to the conventional capsule bulbs - that is quite a lot at the moment! LED also offers a wide range of colour temperatures and products that last up to 15 times longer compared to conventional bulbs. 

GY6.35 LED Bulbs