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LED fixtures

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Efficient LED solutions 

Whether workshop, fitness room or garage - with us you will find the right lighting with LED!

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Energy saving  

With our LED fixtures, you can save around 70 % on electricity costs compared to conventional fixtures.

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Large assortment 

With us you will find a wide range of LED lights, fixtures and accessories!


What is a (LED) fixture? 

A fixture is the housing. It contains the lamp socket for one or more light sources. In almost all cases, a fixture is mounted on a wall or ceiling. Its main function is to protect the light source inside from moisture, dust and impact. Fixtures also ensure that the light is properly distributed in a given room. This applies to both conventional lighting and LED lighting. In the case of LED lighting, we speak of LED fixtures.

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Why LED fixtures instead of halogen? 

You want to save electricity costs? Then don't waste any time and switch from conventional fixtures to LED fixtures today! By switching, you can save up to 70 % of your previous electricity costs - this is not only noticeable on your bank account, but is also good for the environment. Because: LED fixtures have a much longer service life, so they do not need to be replaced as often. In addition, they do not contain any toxic substances and are therefore recyclable. 

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What types of LED fixtures are there? 

Everyone will find the right LED fixture in our assortment. We offer products for outdoors and indoors, for your own use and for companies. You will find LED recessed fixtures (LED panels, LED downlights and LED recessed spotlights) as well as LED surface-mounted fixtures (LED track spotlights, LED bulkheads, LED strips) and waterproof LED fixtures (bollards and LED floodlights) and matching accessories. Tip: Here you will find the right LED fixtures for your area of application. 

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Do LED fixtures have an integrated light source?

Most fixtures do not contain a light source, even if they are labelled as LED fixtures. In many cases, you have to buy the LED separately. This is not a disadvantage, however, because you can determine the colour temperature, lumens, etc. yourself and adapt them to your area of application. The LED fixtures should no longer hang in the bathroom but in the bedroom? No problem! Simply change the LED from a cool white to a warm white.

With some LED fixtures, the light source is already included in the scope of delivery. So find out about the specifications of the individual products before buying.