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LED calculator

Have you considered switching to LED lighting? Switching to LED brings many benefits. You save up to 80% in energy, depending on the LED lighting you choose. It is more sustainable and better for the environment. After all, you use less energy and LED lighting, unlike conventional lighting, does not contain any toxic substances. This makes the bulbs very safe and easy to recycle. How could you want more? Now is the time to switch to LED. Are you still wondering whether LED is really worth it? Fill in the LED calculator below and you will be amazed at how much you will save! 

How exactly does this LED calculator work?  

It's very easy! We explain step by step how to fill in the LED calculator below. Then the calculator works its magic. Within the blink of an eye, this LED Calculator will have calculated your savings, so you know exactly how much you will save with LED lighting.

1. The first step is to enter how many light sources/fixtures you currently have in your home.  
2. Then, under wattage of current light source / luminaire, fill in how many watts each lamp or luminaire uses.  
3. To compare properly, then go to wattage LED light source / luminaire and enter how many watts the LED bulb you have in mind uses.  
4. Under lighting usage in hours per day, fill in how long the lights in your house are turned on in a day.  
4.  Finally, under price per KwH, enter how the amount per kWh you pay for your electricity. 

And then the LED calculator starts calculating! You can immediately see how much you will save by switching to LED lighting compared to conventional lighting. Very convenient! 

ConsumptionElectricity costs
Current lighting:
With LED lighting:
Your savings per year: