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How to dim dimmable LED lighting?

To dim LED lighting, you need a dimmable LED bulb, an LED dimmer and any other neccessary accessories. It is good to know that you can dim several LED bulbs with one dimmer. LED refers to Light Emitting Diode. Depending on the power supply, a certain light output is emitted. The more power is sent to the LED, the more light is emitted. The less power is sent, the less light is emitted. Dimming LED lighting is explained in more detail below.

How can I see if a LED bulb is dimmable?

Does the product name or specifications say 'dimmable'? Then you can dim the LED bulb. Please note that LEDs are not dimmable by default. Have you found an LED light bulb that appeals to you? Chances are that this bulb is also available in a dimmable version at Budgetlight. You can also use the shortcut and check all dimmale LED lighting here.

How does dimming LED lighting work?

To dim dimmable LED lighting, you need a dimmer. Although LED can, in certain cases, be dimmed with an ordinary dimmer, it is advisable to use a LED dimmer. After all, a LED dimmer dims bulbs with leading edge (RL) and/or trailing edge (RC), while an ordinary dimmer applies only one of these dimming methods. In addition, check that the LED bulbs you connect match with the minimum and maximum load of the dimmer. If the load is exceeded or undercut, you might not be able to dim the lights or they start to flicker.

Finding the right dimmer for LED lighting can sometimes be difficult. We are going to help you with the checklist below.

1. Is the LED bulb dimmable?

Are your LED bulbs dimmable? This is often indicated on the packaging with a symbol. If it is not indicated, you can always see in the product title or in the specifications whether a LED bulb is dimmable or not. For the sake of clarity, we have displayed this for all our products!

2. How many watts do you need?

For this you need to do some math. Add up the wattages of all the bulbs you want to dim. Then check whether the range of the dimmer matches this and that you do not have too many Watts all together. You can connect a maximum of 300W to the LED dimmers at Budgetlight.

3. Do you have 230V or 12V LEDs?

Do you have a LED bulb that runs on 230V? Then no transformer is needed. Do you have an LED bulb that runs on 12V? Then a transformer needs to be placed between the LED bulbs and the LED dimmer. Light bulbs with a GU4, G4, G9, GY6.35 GU5.3 or G53 socket operate at 12V.

4. Are you using the right transformer?

If you want to use a transformer with an LED dimmer, it must be electronic. All Budgetlight transformers are electronic. Moreover, the transformer itself displays which way of dimming is supported.

This only applies to 12V LED bulbs!

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