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Payment options at Budgetlight

How can I pay my order at Budgetlight?
You can use various ways to pay your order quickly and safely at Budgetlight.

Visa card & Mastercard - Selecting this option will ensure immediate payment which means that your order will be processed as soon as possible. No additional charges will be billed to you for selecting this method.

American Express - Not all companies and businesses accept American Express because of the associated charges. We accept American Express. For this payment method there is a 2% fee (total amount).

PayPal - PayPal is renowned for being one of the safest payment methods available. We want to ensure that you feel confident when placing your order with us, and allowing you to select PayPal is a way of doing this. Selecting PayPal and then 'proceed' you will be asked to log in with your account to make the payment. Safe and simple!

Payment in 14 days - This is available for businesses with a registered CRO number. If you opt for this method then our systems will conduct a credit check using your business details. If your payment request has been approved you will be sent an invoice via email and you will be able to pay within 14 days. In cases this payment method gets rejected by our system (e.g. low credit rating), our customer service will contact you asking you to choose another payment method. Please keep in mind we do not accept cheques of any kind.

Where can I find the invoice of my Budgetlight order?

After your order is paid and shipped, you will receive your invoice attached in an email from us. You can also find all your invoices when you have logged in to your personal account. You can view and download your invoice(s) by going to "My invoices" in the left-hand menu. Remember that your invoice is not available until your order has dispatched from our warehouse.

Why is my invoice request denied?

When you choose to pay with invoice 14 days we will run a credit check before we grant approval. There can be different reasons to why your credit order was not approved by us, which may be due to missing information, insufficient credit and more. No matter what the reason is, you will be contacted by our customer service department to resolve your request with a different payment method.


Why do I receive a payment reminder even though I already paid?

It is possible that the payment reminder is triggered if you paid on or later than the due date. If you know that you already paid the invoice you can stay calm, it will be adjusted in your account within 3 business days. If you have returned your order it might also be that the receipt of the return has overlapped with the receipt of the payment. If you have returned your products and paid on time, you can ignore the reminder.

I have not received a payment link

The payment link will be sent to you in the order confirmation. Your order confirmation will be sent to your email address as soon as your order is placed. Via the payment link you can complete your purchase.

My payment failed, what should I do?

Unfortunately it sometimes happens that a payment fails due to an error or unknown cause. You can follow the below steps to finalize your payment. There is no need to place a complete new order:

Step 1 - Before processing the payment again we advise you to check your bank account to make sure the payment is not yet booked.

Step 2 - If the payment did not go through you can process it again by logging in to your personal account and go to "My orders".

Step 3 - Now you will see the overview of your order(s). If your order has the status "Waiting for payment", then it means that the payment failed.

Step 4 - You can process the payment again by clicking on the "Pay" button

Step 5 -  If your new payment attempt is successful the status of your order will change to "In progress"

If your payment fails, you will also receive an automatic email asking if you wish to complete your payment. You will receive this email approximately after 2 hours and the email will be sent to your registered email address.